Freshmen face first day of high school


Senior Keila Alboro-Bandalan welcomes her freshman brother Imaikalani deVault to his first high school lunch, August 1, the first day of the 2011-12 school year.

Freshman Zack Lopez tells about his first day as a Kamehameha Maui High School student.

Kelsie Chong

By Kelsie Chong, Features co-editor

The freshman class of 2015 transitioned from middle school to high school on Monday, August 1, the first day of the new school year. 

Some were excited to return, “My day is going pretty good, and I liked seeing all my friends,” freshman Athena Aguilar said.

Other freshmen, like Jessica Mendiola, were still unsure. “My first day of high school was all right, I guess. I was kind of nervous because it’s a new school,” she said.

For some, not getting the classes they wanted was the worst part. “I was expecting to have better classes, but my schedule is junk,” said freshman Nicci Enovijas.

Some freshman students did not  face their first day of high school alone, joining older siblings who are KSM upperclassmen.

By lunch, however, freshmen Mendiola and Anson Souza said that neither of them had seen their older brothers, both current seniors, as they had expected. Though they had not met up on campus on Monday, Daniel Mendiola said he doesn’t mind helping his sister and had answered the questions she had about high school.

The faculty and staff were prepared to welcome the class of 2015, too. “We get to break them in and get rid of any bad habits,” said Mr. Kaholo Rickard, math teacher. “They have a lot of energy, and sometimes they have trouble focusing their energy.”

Despite being unfamiliar with the campus, freshman Josh Higa has already seen a few benefits to high school. He said he had trouble finding his classes but, “The best thing so far is the lunch and more freedom.”

Though summer is over, freshman Athena Aguilar said she is happy to be back to school. She said she will miss being able to sleep in.