Class meetings open new school year


Junior Kelcey Lorenzo enters the band room for the class meeting on Tuesday, August 2, while class counselor Ms. Kato Moala hand out bus sign-ups forms for taking the PSATs. All grade levels met with their student and staff leaders to discuss the 2011-12 school year.

By Kalani Ruidas, Features co-editor

The freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes each held meetings yesterday afternoon to discuss strategies for success in the 2011-2012 school year.

The main topics of discussion included homecoming, class pride and specific goals and areas of improvement that each class is working towards.

The class of 2015 reviewed their manners with “The 10 Commandments of Classroom Etiquette” that the faculty of the freshman team prepared. They will be posted in freshman classes in Päkï and Konia, serving as a reminder of how students should behave.

“It’s good that the school is enforcing good etiquette because I think it will improve our classroom environment,” freshman Carolynn Krueger said.

The class of 2014 played an ice breaker game called “Honey, I Love You” to begin their class meeting.

“It was an interesting experience,” sophomore Ryan Foree said.

After forming a circle, one student in the center approached another student saying “Honey, I love you; please smile.” The student who had been approached would then respond by saying, “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile.” The objective was to do it without smiling or laughing. In most instances, completing a single round without any silliness proved to be quite difficult.

The class of 2013 planned for spirit week, PSATs and their junior prom.

“The meeting was more of a prep rally for our class, and it made everyone super excited for this year and spirit week and stuff. I love my class.” junior Tori Cambra said.

Cambra said the highlight of their meeting was the visit from last year’s student body president, Kaui Krueger (’11). Krueger also spoke to the freshmen and seniors. He elaborated on the importance of unity within each class and striving towards excellence.

The class of 2012 discussed their responsibilities as seniors, their roles as leaders and leaving a class legacy. Media teacher Mr. Jay Paa reminded the seniors in the words of author Maya Angelou that “the sum of us is greater than all of our parts.”

“I thought the meeting was great, got me pumped for my last year. I just hope we can actually focus for this final year of high school,” senior Michael Gorman said.

In their individual meetings, the student officers and guest speakers emphasized the theme for the school year, huliämahi, to act and be as one.