Students commended for showing mālama


Sophomores Rusty Hue Sing and Sean Segundo enjoy a special luncheon. They were two of ten students invited to lunch in the Hoʻokipa room to recognize them for showing the Hawaiian value mālama in October.

By Kalani Ruidas, Features co-editor

Ms. Kathleen Frampton hosted the monthly values luncheon yesterday, Dec. 1, in honor of the KSM students who best exemplified November’s value, mālama.

Teachers nominated students for this accolade because of their displays of caring, protection, support and loyalty.

At the lunch, students enjoyed pizza, soda and ice cream and received a cup, balloons and a sticker designed by alumnus Kamahaʻo Barrows (’11).

According to Ms. Frampton, math teacher, Barrows created the stickers for his senior project last year. Each sticker features a petroglyph that depicts the Hawaiian value of the month.

Along with Ms. Frampton, freshman seminar teacher Ms. Kalena Laepaʻa read aloud the cards the students received explaining what they did to deserve this recognition.

Sophomore Rusty Hue Sing was nominated by Ms. Laepaʻa. She was impressed by Hue Sing’s ability to support his fellow classmates during spirit week. She said that Hue Sing especially showed his dedication to his class with his contribution of impressive dance skills during boys cheerleading.

“I wish more students would be more caring,” Ms. Laepaʻa said.

Senior Keala Kama was nominated by Academies Principal Ms. Jay-R Kaawa. Ms. Kaawa expressed that she appreciates the help that Kama so willingly offers in the office. She noted that he has a great attitude and takes initiative in assisting with anything the office staff needs done.

Ms. Frampton agreed that initiative is a key part of what it means to show mālama. She said, “Mālama is a great value. It’s about seeing a need and taking the initiative to fill it”

The students who received the mālama award were:


  • Lilinoe Bal
  • Kara Frampton
  • Keala Kama
  • Kelley Kokubun
  • Makai Mann


  • Reid Cairme
  • Jason Fukushima


  • Sean Segundo
  • Rusty Hue Sing
  • Lexis Vienna