Drama Club makes elderly’s Valentine’s Days


Photo by Daisy Draper

This is an example of a card made by one if the patients at Kula Hospital with the help of Raven Yamamoto, Feb. 14, 2014.

By Daisy Draper, staff writer

A part of the KSM Drama Club made Valentine’s Day cards with the elderly at Kula Hospital today.

Kula Hospital provided the materials to make the cards, and the club members cut out hearts and flowers for the patients to decorate their cards. The students also glued everything down for the elderly.

The elderly at Kula Hospital do arts and crafts on a daily basis, but this experience was new for the Drama Club. Many of the items made by the elderly are sold.

“We actually have two fundraisers a year, so we sell some of the crafts in the areas. That’s why we have a lot of card-making projects because we do sell greeting cards. ” said Mickey Kaneshiro, the Activities Coordinator at Kula Hospital.

They also sell a lot of crocheted blankets. The offerings depend on the abilities of the elderly.

Lexis Viena, a senior in the Drama Club, originally got the idea to help out at Kula hospital, and she set up this opportunity with the help of Auntie Venus Rosete-Medeiros, A4E club adviser.

“I got the idea because my aunty and her church go to Kula Hospital and sing with the elderly. I think that today was a perfect day to go because a lot of the elderly don’t get as much visits as they’d like, and I really wanted our clubs to experience and maybe even learn a little from the older generation,” Viena said.

There were four groups that made Valentine’s Day cards led by one student per group.

“I definitely do want to plan something like this again. Hopefully, next time our communication will be better, and we’ll be able to take a lot more people,” Viena said.