iOS 8: “biggest” update ever


Photo by Quinn Williams

Apple introduced their biggest update yet, the iOS 8.

By Quinn Williams, staff writer

Have you heard? Apple has had the biggest iOS release ever — iOS 8. But when they say “biggest,” do they mean the biggest amount of space required to just download it?

According to the Apple website, the goal for the iOS 8 was to create “the most natural, most useful experience- one that is pleasantly surprising at first and becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.”

Hard to remember that they’re talking about a phone update.

The new iOS update came with new features such as messages that can actually “LOL” out loud, easier and faster text message replying, incredibly easy photo editing options, and a smart keyboard.

But, all of this comes at a cost — the number of app’s that you have to delete to get the update.

Personally, I went had to erase 19 apps, not to mention all the photos and videos I had to either erase or transfer to make space for the update. The update took close to two and a half hours to download and killed about half my phoneʻs battery, too.

The whispers about the iOS 8 around campus are mainly complaints so far. Many students suffered from what Iʻm calling app-otitis, the anxiety caused by a lack of apps on their phones.

“I had to erase 25 apps, and I think it took 5.8 gigabytes to update it,” said junior Hannah Patrick, an iPhone 5s user. Unknowingly, Patrick erased apps prior to being connected to wifi, another requirement in the updating process. She said she suffered the entire day with no Instagram, no Snapchat, and no Twitter!

Junior Maikaike English had to erase 16 apps and his entire music library.

“I don’t really like it because how much effort was put into getting it,” English said of the downloading process.

Gigabytes required for the update varied from 3 to 5 depending on how up-to-date the device or phone was.

Students also reported that the update required more than 50% percent of their battery charge and had to be connected to a strong wifi signal.

But as updates finished and apps were re-downloaded, students loved the new features! App-otitis was, thankfully, only a temporary ailment, and students survived to explore all those new crazy features.