Meet the Freshies

The class of 2019 talks about high school life in their first month


Photo by Gabrielle Constantino

Freshman Kaimana Niles in front of the freshman stomping grounds, Paki and Konia. He and four others share a little about their lives as freshmen.

By Gabrielle Constantino, staff writer

The class of 2019 entered high school, and that comes with tons of challenges. Five high school freshmen gave us a glimpse of how they’re holding up so far.

Homework is a huge time consumer, whether it’s an arduous reading or a confusing math worksheet.

“I stay up until 11 every night finishing my homework,” Kaimana Niles said.

Hang in there, Kaimana. I’m sure the majority of the high school can say the same!

Cheyenne Yap and Jaimee Felipe agreed that the best thing about high school is the new level of freedom.

“We have more responsibility, but I feel like it’s more independent than middle school,” Felipe said.

High school offers great clubs, sports, and outside of school activities for students to enhance their education and leadership skills, not to mention laptops

Healani Tolentino and Cullin Mitchell added that the worst thing about high school is friendships.

“As soon as you make a breach from one grade to another, friendships kinda fall apart,” Mitchell said.

Everyone outgrows previous friendships, Cullin, but new friendships will come your way. One way to make new friends is to put yourself out there and join one of the clubs or sports that high school offers.

High school will be filled with challenges and rewards, ups and downs, and smooth and rough days, and freshman year is just the first step. Good luck, class of 2019.