Junior Prom 2012: Students “come away with” smiles


King Kaya and a prom guest share a laugh at the class of 2013’s junior prom, March 31, 2012, at the King Kamehameha Golf Club.

Kalani Ruidas

By Amanda Lee, News co-editor

WAILUKU–The junior class and their dates got fancy and walked into The King Kamehameha Golf Club ballroom decorated with every girl’s favorite colors: Tiffany blue and white. The theme of the night was “Come Away with Me,” inspired by the Norah Jones song. This set the mood for a romantic evening on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

Mehana Lee was the one who proposed the “Come Away with Me” theme at the prom committee meetings. “Everyone in the prom committee picked Norah Jones songs because her music is romantic and sweet,” she said.

With the theme, the committee decided to use the Tiffany blue and white color scheme in the decorations.

“We thought, ‘Let’s go with this and do Tiffany boxes.’ We wanted it to be unique,” said Hulali Brown, junior class president.

Tables were decorated with tiered Tiffany boxes, blue and white rose petals, fake diamonds, and blue candles–the party favor–and to top it all off, an ice sculpture of a diamond graced the entrance for the juniors and their guests.

The set-up of the venue took about two-and-a-half hours, but the committee has been planning the event since the beginning of the school year.

“It comes together really well, and it’s great that we had parents and even students who weren’t a part of the committee involved,” Brown said.

The junior class also added some unique touches to their event. They had a special What’s Up, Warriors? broadcast created by their Digital Video Production classmates. The broadcast included music video clips to the songs “ABC” by the Jackson 5, “Domino” by Jessie J, and “Party Rock” by LMFAO, commercial parodies, Pololū Nakanelua’s segment “Das Nuts,” a slideshow featuring the class’s favorite moments, and their Hall of Fame nominees and winners.

The winners for the Hall of Fame were:

  • World Scholar: Kaili Mossman and Sai Furukawa
  • Most Artistic: Kamalei Warrington and Manaloa Aikala
  • Mr. and Ms. Swag: Luke Batoon and Tori-Jean Cambra
  • Aquaholics: Anuhea Kaiaokamalie and Tyler MacArthur
  • Mr. Jockstrap and Ms. Sports Bra: Andrew Kahalewai and Raven Poepoe
  • American Idol: Sarah Aiwohi and Aaron Watson
  • Funniest Laugh: Kolby Ah Sau and Alyssa McAlinden
  • Most Sarcastic: Leeana Batungbacal and  Pololū Nakanelua
  • Mr. and Ms. Aloha: Anuhea Arakawa and Kamaka Keawekane

and the most anticipated…

  • Prom King and Queen: Kamaka Keawekane and Leimana Kane
Junior Amber Kama was part of the team that had been working on the broadcast for almost two months. “I was happy that everyone got to see it and appreciate our work,” she said.
Classmate and coworker Kamehanaokalā Lee had similar sentiments. “It was great because everyone was excited to see it, and we’re done working!”

Dinner was catered by the King Kamehameha Golf Club and included dishes like fish, chicken, rolls, tossed salad, and noodles. For desert, the class enjoyed various pies and a candy bar featuring goodies like lollipops and chocolate candies, which was set up by the committee .

From there, the class moved into what was one of the most widely anticipated events: dancing. Next Level Entertainment dj’d the night  for the class of 2014. Students were also able to have their pictures taken by MSI photography.

Junior class adviser Mr. Greg Lopez was pleased with the event. “I think it went very well…there were very few difficulties. The group who was running it had a lot of practice and that made for very few glitches. I wanted to see everyone having a good time and people smiling,” he said.

April 5, 2012 update: The guest in the featured photo was originally misidentified. We regret the error.