I’m working on it: S.A.T. = Stressed and Anxious Teenagers


By Amanda Lee, Web columnist

As the school year quickly comes to a close, it’s about that time again, time for the S.A.T.

And by S.A.T., I mean Stressed and Anxious Teenagers. With the fourth quarter heading for its close, it seems like work is flying in from all corners of the universe. People are filling my plate faster than I can eat what’s barely in front of me. I ask you, where on earth did all this work come from?

I ‘m not a lazy student–a forgetful one maybe–but not lazy. I do my work, and I do it on time and well. But, lately it seems like there’s just too many to-do’s on my to-do list. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get through all of them.

For me, this last quarter is by far the hardest. Teachers are giving out finals and projects and homework. Your work load is starting to multiply by threes and then fives and then tens.

You start staying up way past your bedtime, slaving over homework that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere at 1:00 in the morning when you really should be sleeping. Your pencil is moving in half hearted, sleep-deprived attempts to write down answers that will barely scrape by as acceptable, but you don’t really care because it’s one in the morning, and you want to be sleeping.

Every test that lands on your desk stares you in the face, and the only thing you can think is “Did we even learn that?”

So you try to fill in the answers as best you can and you think to yourself that you’re maybe going to pass, but secretly you’re hoping and praying that if all else fails, you will get to redo it.

Projects are attacking you and demanding your attention and time, forcing you to sign away your social life so that you can dedicate every waking moment to creating a presentation that will get you a good grade. 

You hate to do it, but you do anyway and you sign away all that you ever looked forward to, no more friends, no more outings, no more nothing! The room that once was your sanctuary is now the dark and damp place devoid of sunshine where you slave over school and forget that you ever had a social life.

Yes… This is the fourth quarter, the dreaded battle between student and school work. The fight for the final grade that determines the fate of the second semester GPA.

It’s a hard battle; a battle that many suffer through and that some don’t survive. But, there is hope for you! You are a WARRIOR! Of KAMEHAMEHA! You cannot fail!

All you must do is use the force!  Do not procrastinate! Find the handle on things and stay on top of it! Be strong, Warriors, and do not give up. The end is near, and then you will have your eternal reward- SUMMER!

Best of luck to you, Warriors–I MUA! And may we all make it out of this quarter with metaphorical 2400’s!