I’m working on it: The art of sandwiches


By Amanda Lee, Web columnist

Fun Fact about me: I am a sandwich artist at Subway. This is really just a fancy way of saying that I make sandwiches for a living. I don’t plan to make it a career. Being the master of all sandwiches is not where I see myself in ten, twenty years. However, I have been told that I am quite a good “closer” of sandwiches and an excellent “wrapper.”

Let me tell you, summer jobs are the best thing. Ever. For one thing, you get paid! And, I really love having some cash in my pocket.

I’m not a big spender per se. I’m really more of a hoarder. I squeak when I walk–hat is how tight Iam with money. I’m pretty good at saving, that is, until I happen to go somewhere with stores….then all that precious moneygoes down the drain. It’s such a sad day when I go home and realize that my wallet went from a lush forest of green to a dark and empty cavern of…emptiness.

So, the weekly cash flow from a job is definitely a plus. The other thing I like about my job is the people. I’m a people person. I may not seem it–but I love hanging out with people, meeting new people, helping people, etc. So working with a team of people to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner sandwiches is a pretty swell way to spend the day.

I’m starting to think of them as a sort of extended family. They help me out, give me a few laughs on breaks, but most of all, they make the scary world of working a little less scary and a lot more fun.

But, the best thing about having a summer job at Subway is that it gives me something to do! Goodness gracious! I don’t know if it is possible to convey just how dull my summer has been! I’m such a hermit. I didn’t have the energy to plan any outings with friends. I didn’t have the energy to even get in the car and drive to the beach. It is so sad that I have spent the better part of my summer asleep or on the computer. Having a job though, gets me out of the house, gives me something to do, and keeps me from going comatose.

Today finished off my training. I am on my way to becoming the greatest, the most spectacular, superb sandwich artist in the world! Or at least on Maui.

So, if you’re ever nearby the Pukalani Subway, stop in, I’ll make you a sandwich. I don’t mind…really! Putting greens in your sandwich means putting green in my pocket, and that’s a great summer for me.