I’m working on it: Stamping…er…ramping up postal revenue


By Amanda Lee, Web columnist

I love writing letters. It is a timeless activity that is slowly going out of style. But, alas, I may be one of a dying breed. With email, who bothers to get out a pen and paper to write a letter any more?

And, with dwindling stamp sales, increasing competition and rising labor costs, the post office is struggling to stay alive. So, they’re asking all of us for our help with one thing.

They have been home to the faces of long-gone presidents, the Liberty Bell, an eagle, and the American flag. I’m talking about stamps, people.

Before, a person had to be dead for 10 years before they could even be considered to be glorified on a stamp; later though, the rule was changed to 5 years.

Now, the United States Postal Service has changed the rule about stamps. That whole thing I just told you about how a person has to be dead for 5 years? Beginning in 2012, that will be gone.

In order to increase revenue and customers, the postal service has asked the public to nominate outstanding living people to be put on a stamp. Tell them at their Facebook page or tweet them at [email protected].

They send all nominations to a committee who will ultimately pick the top 5 to be honored for next year.

So, who would you pick? Oprah Winfrey? Shane Victorino? Vanessa Hudgens? Or maybe, you’d pick yourself. I think that allowing the public to glorify people who are still living on a stamp is a great idea and a wonderful ego boost. Who doesn’t want to see their face on a stamp?

Just think — your favorite movie star, favorite singer or favorite maker of history and all-around rocker of worlds.

How about sending a letter to your friends sealed with Charlie Sheen’s smile just for a laugh?

I think that this new stamp idea might have something going for it, which is all fine and dandy if you’re a super mega-star, but what if you would nominate yourself to appear on a stamp?

Have no fear! Actually, way back in 2004, companies like Zazzle and PictureItPostage started producing personalized postage stamps, approved and endorsed by the USPS. Yep, it’s all legal.

Think of the possibilities. Little kids will want to send letters with stamps of their smiling faces on them to their grandparents. Lovers will send romantic cards and notes to each other with a stamp that has the two of them in an oh-so-adorable heart cutout.

Perhaps with this new fad in the postal industry, letters will take a turn for the better. If not, there are always people who just want to collect stamps and will buy the new celebrity stamps just for that.

It seems like a good idea both ways. Hopefully, letters and stamps will make a comeback.

And watch out Charlie Sheen. I don’t know about you– but I want to get some stamps with this gorgeous face on it. Keep your eyes peeled, you might be getting a letter from me!