I’m working on it: Sicky Mandy


By Amanda Lee, Web columnist

I am currently a little under the weather. Hopefully my Spirit Week costumes have been hiding my red nose and baggy eyes.

In order to boost my morale and get me motivated to get better instead of lying around in my sickly slump, I have researched on Google to find the top 5 ways to treat a cold.

Luckily, I found all of the methods I needed in one link (or maybe I just stopped on one page in a fevered fit)! How convenient.

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the top 5 ways to beat your nasty cold (please work please work pleeaassee work):

1. Get plenty of rest.  Hallelujah! I like sleeping and lazing around the house. This definitely deserves the number 1 spot!

Apparently, while resting, your body gets to save up your energy for the things that count: fighting off that virus! It’s always a good idea to take a break, let the homework sit on your desk and curl up under a blanket and watch some movies and nap while sick.

Hopefully, you’ll be back to your chipper ol’ self in no time.

2. Keep hydrated. This is probably one of the things I have the hardest time doing. I just don’t like to drink when I’m sick. Lifting the cup requires so much effort….

When you’re sick, you should be drinking hot liquids (hello hot chocolate!). These can help soothe a sore throat and open up nasal passages.

Soup is also a good alternative, but if you’ve been keeping up with my column you know how I am about soup.

3. Steam up the bathroom and take a long shower. I used to get in trouble for this one with my parents. “You’re wasting water!” they used to say. Glad to know that I can bring that luxury back and for a good cause!

Taking a hot shower does the same thing sipping hot liquids do but without the effort of picking up a cup! The steam from your shower can open up your nasal passages and relieve those dreaded stuffy noses and achy muscles. I am definitely taking one of those.

4. Blow your nose often. When you’re sick, it’s always a good idea to blow your nose regularly. This will help get rid of all the gross gunk stuck in there.

Don’t be shy people, we all know we sound funny. Just be careful not to blow too hard or you might get an earache!

5. And one that I have created based on my own experience: Be wary of sick friends to avoid getting sick in the first place. If your friends are sick, take a preemptive strike to make sure you don’t catch the bug!

Wash your hands often and make sure you are drinking lots of liquids and eating healthy.

Hopefully you don’t get sick, and I recover quickly! For more tips on how to get better (and I pray you don’t need them!) click here to go to the Manage Your Life Web site to read more cold care tips.