I’m working on it: The great outdoors


Look at me! I’m in the WILD!!!

By Amanda Lee, News co-editor

This summer I am planning a backpacking trip in California. To be completely honest with you, I’m not really the outdoorsy type of person.

I’ve never been a huge hiker, and the closest I’ve come to camping is a tent in the back yard, and even then I went back inside when it got to be too cold.

I don’t like public bathrooms, and my favorite place in the world is in my bed.

Knowing all this, you might be asking yourself what possessed me to agree to even go backpacking?

Well, I suppose it appealed to my sense of adventure. I may not like bugs and getting dirty and being all rough and tough out in the wilderness, but I do like a good adventure. Just so long as it’s not the life-threatening type… I still have dreams to fulfill.

I also like to travel. Seeing new sights, new places, and exploring things I’ve never seen before are some of my hobbies. Of course, that’s not to imply that I’m a good traveler (hello, I’m an over-packer, eh heh…), but I’ll never get better at it if I don’t work at it.

The fact that s’mores came with the trip also helped sway me to sign up for this somewhat crazed excursion. I do love me some marshmallows and chocolate!

And so, I am devoting myself to this trip. That’s where the whole exercise trend has been originating from. I’m terribly afraid that I will be too slow and unable to keep up. Then, because of my lack of stamina I’ll fall behind, get lost, and be eaten by bears.

My headstone will read “Here lies Amanda Lee. She was slow and out of shape.”

Sounds pretty awful, don’t it?

So, hopefully this backpacking trip won’t backfire on me, and I’ll be able to make it back to you with pictures as proof that I actually did it.

The trip is going to be taking place somewhere in Northern California. This will be the setting for me lugging a 60-lb. backpack across rugged terrain.

Did I mention that I’m clumsy? Really clumsy? I’ll probably fall more than once.

All sorts of danger lurks ahead of me as I plan this out, and yet I’m not running away scared.

I’ve heard all sorts of stories from people who’ve gone backpacking, and they’ve all loved it! Maybe, once I do this I’ll be able to go on the Amazing Race as a toned, murf, experienced backpacker extraordinaire.

You never know, stranger things have happened.

Here’s to walking into the unknown with a too-heavy bag and two left feet.

Wish me luck!