I’m working on it: Working for them bunnies


By Amanda Lee, News co-editor

We are approaching one of my favorite holidays. Actually, that’s not true; I love all holidays- especially the ones that let me take a break from school.

But, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and didn’t know, Easter is approaching! Oh my, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, pastel-covered chocolates, I guess you could say that I’m looking forward to the goodies. But that’s okay, right? Because I’m working out like a madman?

Lately, I’ve been sore in places I didn’t know could be sore. I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels work-out tapes in the comfort of my own home where people can’t see my moments of weakness where I stop for a few seconds to breathe.

At first, it was really hard. I could barely walk, let alone bend down. I haven’t worked out so hard in a long time. It was definitely not like Zumba.

Zumba feels like a cake walk that can be compared to slow dancing with some light sticks. Doing Jillian’s lunges and squats with weights feels like the equivalent of suicide.

The second time I did it though, it wasn’t so bad. It still hurt, a lot, but the pain was duller. I guess that means one of two possible things:

1. I have been sore for too long now, and my muscles and body have accepted that this is going to continue.

2. Maybe, I’m getting stronger and resistant to pain!

I kind of lean towards the first one because I haven’t seen any major improvements. (Hello? Six pack abs? Are you there?)

Every day after I go through my regular torture regimen, I ask my brother if I look like I have the sculpted abs that Jillian keeps promising, and every day he scoffs at me and tells me no.

I’ve resorted to begging and bribing him to say nice things to me afterwards to boost my confidence. Like the dutiful brother he is though, he’s not giving in. Grr…

My only motivation is that I will be the equivalent of America’s Next Top Model once I finish Jillian’s tapes, and I can eat all the chocolate bunnies in the world to compensate for such a long time without goodies.

The thing I notice the most about working out consistently every day though, is that I am always tired. Some of you are probably thinking, um… go figure. But, really, I fall asleep as soon as I get home, dead to the world, and then, when I crack my eyes open in the morning, I feel re-energized and ready to get crackin’ at the day! It’s probably because I can’t stay up past 10:00.

I hope that you are all enjoying the Easter Festivities. I didn’t find any eggs, but I did get some chocolate goodies, and today, I am taking a day off to enjoy those sweet bunnies…