A little Lee-way: Getting in the spirit


Not exactly sure what my costume is, but I’ll find a way to make it work. Time to get creative!

By Mehana Lee, news editor

Homecoming week is next week, NEXT WEEK people! I must say, it’s my favorite time of our school year. One thing that I can’t wait to see every year is all of the students’ and teachers’ costumes.

Wacky, funky and creative costumes are, hands down, the most thrilling to see.

I’m sure a lot of students would agree that planning out costumes for certain days is a tedious and stressful process. We have to make sure that the costume is unique, matches the dress-up day guidelines and makes a lasting impression.

But have no fear: the costumer extraordinaire is here!

(Well, sort of.)

People tend to worry that their costumes won’t be good enough because they don’t have the money to buy the best costume out there. Just because you don’t have a bunch of spare change lying around doesn’t mean that your costumes for homecoming week are going to be junk.

In fact, I think some of the most memorable costumes were the ones that took the least amount of money to put together.

It just takes a little imagination and a whole lot of heart. Envision what you want your costume to look like and brainstorm ideas of what materials you can use to make it possible. Anyone is capable of making an easy, yet memorable costume!

So, the dress-up days we have for homecoming week are Travel Day, Game Day and Movie/Music Day. The broad guidelines for the dress-up days give us many different costume opportunities.

Here’s an easy costume idea for Travel Day. Wear your brightest and craziest aloha print shirt, load on the sunscreen, wear some reef walker shoes, carry around your camera and a map of Maui. For an added effect, borrow your mom’s blush and put an excessive amount of the make up on your face and arms to make you look sunburned.

Making this costume complete? Constantly look lost while looking at your map and ask students where the nearest beach is. Voila, you’re a tourist!

Not only do you want to look the part, but you also want to act the part. If you’re dressing up as a movie director for Movie/Music Day, constantly yell “No, no, no. Cut!” and pretend you’re criticizing a scene while twirling your fake mustache.

Or maybe you want to dress up as Mario or Luigi for game day. Talk in an Italian accent and pretend to jump over Goombas while adventuring to class.

Don’t forget to go all out, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Dressing up will just make your overall homecoming week experience more fun, and it will also give your class more spirit points! It’s like a double positive.

Just be sure that your costume is made up of at least three items. One item must be an actual clothing item, like a shirt or pants. The other two items can be accessories.

Let’s get pumped for this upcoming week of spirit and school pride.

Be wacky, be funky, be creative. It’s time to show your Warrior pride now more than ever. Keep the spirits high and I MUA!