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The student news site of Kamehameha Schools Maui

Ka Leo o Nā Koa

A little Lee-way: To-do’s before leaving on a jet plane

I challenge you to make a fun t-do list for the summer!
I challenge you to make a fun t-do list for the summer!

With graduation and summer literally just around the corner, I remembered that there are still so many things that I want to experience here on Maui, both new and familiar.

I’ve lived here all of my life, and I’ll be moving away to California in just a few months for college. Why not create a to-do list to (hopefully) complete before I head off to college? Maybe my homesickness won’t be as bad if I just suck in everything that my home island has to offer.

So, as I share my bucket list for this summer with you, try not to judge me and think that all I do is write articles in my room all day…okay, okay, I may do that on some weekends. But I really do have a life! (#journalismproblems)

The list might go a little something like this:

1. Jump off Black Rock.

You’re probably thinking, “What? My two year old sister did that. So minors.” I actually jumped off of the rock at Waimea Bay, O’ahu, and from what I heard, that rock is a lot higher. So I guess you’re right, that is “so minors.” I just really want to jump off Black Rock since I feel like I’m the only person in my high school who hasn’t done it yet.

2. Go to Hāna.

The last time I went to Hāna was when I was two or three years old. So that doesn’t really count. I was probably sleeping the entire time anyway. My road trip will be complete with a stop at Ke’anae Landing Fruit Stand, consuming some ‘ono-licious poi, tanning at Hāmoa Beach and jumping at Venus Pool.  This is a must do.

3. Moped around the island.

Seems like a great way to view the beauty of Maui. I’ll just need to pack extra sunscreen and maybe some knee pads. This one is a little ambitious for me, but I’m up for it.

4. Fill up my tummy with Sam Sato’s dry noodles, Tasaka guri guri and Komoda’s stick donuts.

This one is definitely not a new to-do item, but I know that I will be missing these yummy goodies when I’m in California.

The to-do list that I just shared with you is a preview of some of the many things I want to do. But, you get the idea. I want to see and experience all of the beautiful wonders of Maui and indulge in ‘ono food before I’m leaving on a jet plane for school!

I encourage all of you to make a fun to-do list for this summer and to never stop exploring. There is so much out there waiting to be discovered. Remember that in this process, you might even discover a part of you that you never noticed before. And that, my friends, is the amazing thing about adventure!

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