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Hoku Krueger

Hoku Krueger, news co-editor

Now a senior, Hoku Krueger is very much the same person she was last year, only that measly first year news-staffer you knew and tolerated a year ago has managed to scale the journalism ladder and become a news co-editor. Glorifying as it sounds, the only key needed to unlock such a status was one year of journalism. Plenty proof of that.

The jaded news co-editor still toils away at both literary-art related classes and "about me" sections of Web sites, but has found consolation in the fact that hard work really does pay off. With a state championship under their wing, Hoku plans to help mold this year's Ka Leo O Nā Koa staff into a group befitting of the infinite praise it  will undoubtedly receive, along with six of the finest high school journalists the state.

She does have a life outside of journalism, go figure, which includes being a part of Quill & Scroll - the international honorary society for journalism students -  and the National Honor Society. Following her true passion and fighting tooth and nail in an unprecedented election, she is now the president of the Drama Club. Do with this information what you will and keep an ear open for Ka Leo O Nā Koa.

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February 29, 2012 marks the third leap day of the millennium. Leap day is added to the calendar in order to compensate for the extra 6 hours it takes the earth to orbit the sun every year that do not make it onto the regular calendar.

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February 28, 2012
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Hoku Krueger