Falcons will dominate Texans


Amid the Action by Kainoa Deguilmo

By Kainoa Deguilmo, sports writer

Texans. Falcons. Do we really wanna ask who will win? Not really, but let’s say it. I think the Falcons will beat the Texans by at least two scores. JJ Watt is a force to reckon with, but let’s be honest. One man can’t do it by himself. Brian Cushing is a good defensive player for Houston too, but that won’t pull this struggling team through. Deandre Hopkins will be an important asset to the offense.

The Falcons offense is on fire, but the same can’t exactly be said for their defense. The defense gives up many points, but the offense always comes in to outscore the opponent. After a disappointing start by Brian Hoyer, they quickly switched to Ryan Mallet, who did a tad bit better. It’s pretty obvious that the Texans are a mess at the quarterback position. All positions are important, but if you can’t a find a starting quarterback even in the beginning of the season, well then it’ll be a LONG season.

They’re supposed to be team leaders. And it’s pretty obvious the Falcons aren’t having that problem with Matt Ryan. He is a talented quarterback who can deliver the ball. Is that not convincing enough? Meet Julio Jones, arguably the best receiver among active NFL players. So far he has 440 yards on 34 catches. Yes, 34 catches. He is averaging 12.9, almost 13 yards per catch. I haven’t even touched on the ground game. Devonta Freeman is averaging 3.5 yards a carry and has 4 rushing touchdowns on the season so far. Houston Texans defense…..good luck!